Amanda Walker


Amanda's drawings reveal her continuing fascination with colour, pattern and detail in the landscape. Her works are multi layered interweaving narratives of history, duration and geological time. Amanda usually works with graphite and draws using minute repetitive marks and traces, her imagery often combines pictorial and abstract forms using patterns in nature to visually interpret the land.  

Amanda's current series Bruny Island is formed from nuances of surface, water, familiarity, intimacy, and then from knowledge of diminishing fragments found adrift. Lines are etched into paper; part cartography, part symbolism to convey human interaction and presence within the fragility of our environment. 

Amanda's work often uses her camera with secondary printing techniques and graphite drawings to re-inscribe natural and built forms often as topographic imagery, her actions of repetition and layering visually interpret her own steps and gathered fragments from the land along the way.

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